gail peck is better than u
thegirlwhowaitedfortheraggedyman asked: I also don't like Alison I would of rather her to actually be dead and have the storyline of who killed her along with finding out who A is instead of the storyline of now finding out who the girl in the grave is and why she's there. Can I ask why you don't like Alison?:)


she’s just awful to everyone. she’s manipulative and tears them apart. they are clearly better off without her. she’s just an awful bully that gets inside your head. i dont trust her. she’s told too many lies and hurt too many people. she has to do a lot of changing to prove herself to me. 

open RP







Sasuke scoffed and glared at the girl standing before him. “Sharpay Evans. I know you were the one who ordered my older brother to destroy my clan. For that, you shall die!” He roared, closing his eyes and activating his Sharingan. ” I WILL AVENGE MY FAMILY!”


"I’d love to see you try, sasuke"


you can tell a movie is going to be a shitty, forgettable comedy when the font they use for the movie’s title in advertisements looks




I want more clones

a trans clone

a blind clone

an amputee clone

a clone that grew up on a farm in the mid west

a clone from south america

an australian surfer clone

a teacher

a fire fighter

an actress

the possibilities are literally endless


Rachel lost an eye so amputee is next, and now that we’re getting military clones it’s even more likely. Guys I think I’m psychic


why would anybody not want to watch a show with 5-7 tatiana maslanies